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Cross Country Ski Bindings

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Rottefella NNN BC Manual Bindings All of the successful elements of the NNN binding, plus the NNN BC is stronger and more stable thanks to its heavy duty construction. The NEW BC Magnum features an extra-wide(67 mm.) plate to increase the contact area with the boot sole. The Magnum (Manual) also has a large glove-friendly manual closing lever. The Manual Binding, with a slightly narrower body, is an ideal choice for narrower backcountry skis. Both bindings fit all NNN BC boots. Less apt to freeze up than 32NBCA BC Auto bindings.
Rottefella Move Switch KIT for NIS 2.0 & 3.0 provides you with better grip and glide by turning the MOVE switch. Move the bindings without taking off your skis—just switch! With a bit of practice, you can even do this at speed. Move the binding forward for increased grip and backward for better glide. Perfect for wax skis and perfect for skin skis. Rottefella MOVE Switch is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions. Rottefella MOVE Switch Kit for NIS 2.0 & 3.0 fits all skis with NIS 2.0 and 3.0 mounting plate. - For wax and skin skis - Approved by FIS - Switch between grip and glide without stepping out of your skis - Weight: 232 g - Length: 290 mm - Width: 55 mm - Shoe size: 36-52
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Move your bindings forward or backward to add grip or glide with the Rottefella MOVE Switch Kit for IFP. It lets you fine-tune binding placement and performance on the fly. •Complete system includes MOVE switches, Rottefella NNN bindings and all necessary parts and supplies for installation •Designed to work with Rottefella IFP plates (not included) •Compatible with all cross-country boots that have NNN, Turnamic or Prolink soles •Allows adjustment while you're skiing •Turn switches clockwise to move bindings forward for added grip or counterclockwise to move bindings backward for increased glide •Moves bindings 12mm forward for improved climbing grip, 12mm backward for improved glide or 24mm backward for ultimate glide •No drilling required for installation
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Kick and glide with ease with Rottefella NNN Basic cross-country ski bindings. Their stable platform and hands-free click-in/click-out design make recreational jaunts at the ski track a lot more fun. Auto step-in/out makes it easy to lock in or exit without having to reach down and mess with the bindings Wider platforms aid in stability and support
In order to satisfy an ever-increasing tribe of recreational skiers who want to get more pleasure from their skiing activities, Rottefella has developed the Performance ski binding, with models adapted to both skating and classic style. Cross country skiing is the clear “in” favourite. Calories burn off, just about every muscle and sinew is in active use, but at the same time there is no overloading of joints and other risk areas. Rottefella Performance is a binding where three functions in particular will contribute to increasing the enjoyment of cross country skiers: The Rottefella Key – The key to a better skiing experience in the fight against lack of grip or skis that lack sufficient glide, you now have the Rottefella Key. A balanced binding - The Rottefella Performance has a reinforced binding housing that has been optimised for balance and stability. The locking mechanism – a vital detail when you are eager to get going – or when you are trying to open the binding with frozen fingers – you want this to be as easy as possible.
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Love both classic and skate skiing? Want to try one or the other for the first time? Rottefella Auto Touring NNN NIS cross-country ski bindings support both styles, and offer maximum stability.


•Auto step-in/out makes it easy to lock in or exit without having to reach down and mess with the bindings •Wider platforms aid in stability and support •Design allows for performance during occasional off-trail adventures, too
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Rottefella Xcelerator 2.0's unique construction and low weight give you more power and better speed, while the binding's low profile gives you optimal control in the track. With the included NIS key, you can easily put the binding in the desired position and move it forwards or backwards to achieve better grip or better glide. In combination with the Move ™ Switch, you can easily and without taking off your skis, move the binding forward for better grip and backwards for better glide. Xcelerator 2.0 is available for both skate and classic cross-country skiing.
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