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RideWrap Installation

Why should I use RideWrap?

We think it's simple - bikes are a big investment and RideWrap can help protect it!

RideWrap is a clear, hydrophobic film, so it not only protects your bike from the elements, it also protects it from:

  • trail debris, such as rocks
  • damage from shuttles
  • travel damage
  • scrapes and scratches from crashing

RideWrap comes in three different levels of coverage protection - we recommend the Tailored version which protects 95% of the frame and fork.

Why get a RideWrap from West End?

It saves you time!

Our shop is one of a few shops in the country with a RideWrap Super Cutter. This means that we can print wrap kits on demand, as well as replacement pieces. This saves both you and the shop a lot of time - no more waiting sometimes two weeks for the wrap kit to arrive. 

It saves you the headache!

RideWrap installation can be a time-consuming and tedious process, especially if you've never done a wrap before. Luckily for you, we're well-versed in the installation process, and some of us actually like it!

It's ready for new bike day!

Buying a new bike? That's the perfect time to get RideWrap installed! We can make sure that you have your bike wrapped and ready when you come pick it up so that your new ride is protected right from the start.

Click here to request a wrap, or call us for more info!