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Bike Reviews

2022 Pivot Shuttle LT

It may be a simplification to call the Shuttle LT an electric Firebird. In many ways it is, but it is so much more. Whether the Shuttle was so named for its ability to shuttle you up the hill so you can go down again… and again... and again, or the way it makes you feel like you can reach the upper stratosphere.

2022 Rocky Mountain Element

The new Rocky Mountain Bicycles Element. It’s characteristic in its geometry, it’s climbing, descending, it’s adjustability, and it’s ability to be uber efficient with every pedal stroke.

2021 Pivot Firebird

The Firebird is billed as an enduro bike. It boasts suspension travel numbers of 165mm in the rear and 170mm in the front with a slack head angle, long reach and 29” tires. This bike is built to be fast over rough terrain, and it is, but not just downhill.

2021 Pivot Shadowcat

Shadowcat is a 27.5” wheel and no, 27.5" is not dead. It’s true that there are fewer 27.5" bikes on the market these days and it’s also true that a 29er is a faster platform overall. That being said, 29er is not faster everywhere. Nor is it as nimble or playful. I know there are 27.5" naysayers. In point of fact, I may have been guilty of this from time to time. Well... Pivot has changed my mind, and here’s how.

2021 Pivot Trail 429

If you want a great climbing, easy descending, and great cornering bike that you can ride all day, race the Marji, or take on trips across the country, and big hit bike parks aren’t your thing, the Trail 429 is for you!

2021 Pivot Switchblade

If you like a wide range of trails, but spend more time riding hilly technical (RAMBA, Harlow) or even flow trails along the Benson Grade, or if you dig Copper Harbor. It’s truly a do it all bike the can handle long days in the saddle, crush enduro courses, and “send it” on bike park days.

2021 Scott Ransom

If you are a trail rider that loves techy trails like Harlow, RAMBA and Pine Knob, want to race or just ride enduro style rides, live for Benson Grade, Copper Harbor shuttle days or lift service Bike park day’s, throw a leg over the Ransom and you’ll be in your glory!